Shipping/Return/Refund/Cancelation Policy:

Delivery Country: UAE

Deliver condition: Within City Limits

Delivery Fees:  10 AED Flat Rate

Free Shipping Condition: free shipping will be granted on minimum Spent of 200 AED

Once the payment is made, the Order confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

This is a hand-made food product . There are a number of quality control stages that involve multiple people inspecting the product. The product is shipped to you ONLY after it passes all of these very strict, – a) visual, b) smell, c) taste, d) packaging – tests to ensure utmost quality and to eliminate a valid reason to return the product.

This baklava is extended life baklava, we don’t sell normal fresh baklava .our baklava made out premium  quality of fat, Pistachio, nuts & dates. and it has less sugar  sauce than  fresh baklava. fresh baklava should be consumed within 2-7 day but our baklava last change for 1 year  from production date  if you keep it in cold and dried condition. we keep our stock updated with new fresh production date not more than 3-6 month  to make sure your enjoyment experience last. 

Return: will accept return and pay (full Refund, return shipping Fees) for Order Mistakes  Only (quantity, Item, Brand, Damage Before shipping) Made By only within two days of the delivery  Date, so if there any mistake in your order and you wish to return and cancel it, please keep packing closed and in good condition & send us email ( contact us by phone(06 8825819) to arrange return, we’ll contact you to arrange return pickup within 2-3 days please keep product in dry and cold. Once we receive it we’ll issue the refund to original mode payment within 3-10 days. Guarantee the taste of Product ONLY if it kept in instructed conditions. Once we ship the product we’ll send you an email with tracking No. Don’t Leave it in mail box or in hot weather or direct Sun.

Once we ship this product to you, it is insured for getting lost in the mail and for visible damages to the outer product packaging. However it is the recipients’ responsibility to pursue this with courier company. When you place an order with us, you automatically agree that once the delivers your package to the courier company, is no longer responsible for delays, damages or loss to your package by the actions of the courier company.

Customer can cancel their order within 8 hours; refunds will be made back to the payment solution used initially by the customer. Please allow for up to 45 days for the refund transfer to be completed. guarantees that your product will be shipped within the 24 hours of receiving your order (excluding Friday and Saturdays) and unless you specify a certain future date to ship. We ship our products via the 1-2 Day Delivery with a tracking number. Please allow up to 3 (three) days for delivery as guarantees that the product is packaged to stay Good for 3 days in its packaging.

If delivery fails due to incorrect address provided by the customer in writing OR if the delivery fails due to the customer not being available to receive (or to pick up) the product, will not make any refunds for the purchase. Tracking records provided by courier company will be considered as proof of delivery and final. The customer is responsible to report any obvious damage on the packaging at the time of delivery to the delivering courier company agent or if the agent is not present, promptly at the local Post Office without opening the package within 24 hours (excluding Fridays). Any package that is not delivered by the end of the 3rd (third) day after the order is placed, is considered delayed by the courier company, and it is the customer’s or the recipients responsibility to follow up with their Contact No. Office to make sure the product will be expedited to the delivery address.

Please understand that the courier company rate does not guarantee a particular arrival day, date, or time. Therefore cannot be held responsible for your product NOT arriving on a particular day, date or time or for a particular event when we ship your product.

When you place your order with the online, on the phone or via email, you agree to all of the above.

Fast Delivery Area (Sharjah)

Al Khaledia Suburb
Al Jubail
Al Layyeh Suburb
Abu Shagara
Al Qasimia
Al Bu Daniq
Al Nud
Al Mahatah
Al Manakh
Al Gharb
Al Ghubaiba
Halwan Suburb
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